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  • holy crap, this CD blew me away. the way Chris' voice has matured so much. i listen to his first songs & he sounds so little! & now he's got songs like "take you down" which is, btw, amazing! i love every single song on this cd..mostly. i just wish he would put songs like get like me on it, or i needed you cause those are really good too. but nontheless, i listen to it nonstop. this cd & all his other songs! ahh


  • aw you're really pretty!

  • how the hell did yall get backstage?
    the concert was amazing though. poor bow wow & his thumb. soulja boy was soo hott, oh my god. shop boyz coulda been longer i agree. but dang chris, you were incredible. i cried like the whole time cause it was such a dream to see you in concert. can't wait till you come back, gonna meet you one day!!

    love you