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  • Wanna talk??

    If n e 1 wants to tawk or n e thing just get @ me on here.

  • dis pic iz veri pretty gurlie.

    ~Ladi Shida~

  • ure cute..

    ~Ladi Shida~

  • Hair iz so cute gurlie!!


  • Hey Chris!!

    I just wanted to say Miles and Scooter yall both are very talented and keep doing what yall do. Chris, same 2 u!! I love all of your songs, but my favorite one you have done so far is "Say Goodbye". I know its very old, but hey I like it (but thats just for the slow song) Now the fast, dancing type song is Wall to Wall, now that was hot.


  • Wall to Wall or Kiss Kiss

    Personally I think that both of the videos are great because all the things that Chris do is GREAT!! am i right?? But in the Wall to Wall video I think he had great choreography. My favorite part is toward the end when he dances to the beat. i think thats real hot!! Chris all I can say is keep doing what you do best which is making good music and just being a great person for us ladies!! Much Support!!

    P.S What do you guys think??

  • 20 Things About Me!!

    1. My nickname Shi~Shi or Shida
    2. Favorite color is blue
    3. Red skittles and pink starburst are the best
    4. I'm outgoing and fun to be around
    5. My best friend is Jonta. She's a awesome friend!!
    6. MY FAVORITE MALE SINGER AND DANCER IS CHRIS BROWN!! of course that why im on this fan site and female singer is Rihanna
    7. I love to read, write, cheer, model and do hair.
    8. I like to stay healthy and go to the Gym
    9. I love to run
    10. When i graduate from high school the college that I want to attend is Clark Atlanta University or Florida State.

  • I love his song "Young Love". Come to think of it i like all of his songs but i think thats the best one. Chris keep doing what you do. Much Love!!

  • Hey Chris!!

  • Chris's Smile

    If you guys dont notice I do that Chris has a great smile its like it lightens up your day or sumethin. I don't know maybe I'm crazy. When I see his smile I smile thats how gorgeous it is. What do u guys think?

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