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  • A Peom To Chris Brown

    When you are sad,
    I will dry your tears.
    When you are scared,
    I will comfort your fears.
    When you are worried,
    I will give you hope.
    When you are confused,
    I will help you cope.
    And when you are lost,
    And can't see the light.
    I shall be your beacon
    Shining ever so bright
    This is my oath.
    I pledge till the end.
    Why you may ask?
    Because your my friend

  • but i thought #7 was nynov6th but idk
    god bless and much love

  • pic.. y steal my work

    god bless and much love

  • my only true love ( peom)

    As I awaken, each and every day,
    Thoughts of love turn to you.
    An unbreakable bond between us two,
    A special love ever so true...

    The warm glow in your eyes,
    The sweet smile on your face;
    Makes me want to hold you,
    Forever in love's tender embrace.

    The gentleness of your touch,
    The sweet passion of your kiss.
    Just a couple of many pleasures,
    I longingly so miss...

    The sound of your voice,
    Is like a song in my heart,
    Always bringing me happiness,
    As it has done from our start.

    We've shared many joys,
    And also felt some sorrows,

  • You Gave Me Inspiration

    The inspiration I gained
    It came from knowing you
    As your words touched
    My loving affections grew

    I know I will never forget
    All those times we shared
    Your words reached me
    In knowing that you cared

    Special feelings inspired
    I shall remember evermore
    The boost I had needed
    Enabling my heart to soar

    Interacting heart to heart
    Love came shining through
    You gave me inspiration
    Of which I will forever value