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  • I luv Chris Brown so much and nobody can touch him. Cause His music is always sexi and he sounds sexi 2. His music makes me scream cause they r so beautiful. And his pics r always sexi no matter wat he doin, man I wish he had a twin cause I would date him. But any-way all of yall haters out there better back up and u better worry about ya own self. So u better recognize b4 u realize. <3 luv ya Chris <3

  • He makes me wanna melt, lol he got those puppy dog eyes. He like, "Hey look how cute we r dnt u wanna come kiss me." Lol I kno I would kiss him if I could. Omg If i was Chocolate or Ice I would melt so slowly caus of da way he lookin. Lol but Chris is the sexi hunk of Chocolate or Caramel dat I want, Lol.

  • Ma boo jus sittin there thinkin about me and all his other fans. He thinkin he should have a girls only concert dat is free. Naw yea right dat would probably never happen in a million years. But if it ever does u can count on me to be there.

  • Dat is so cool I luv the color blue and I luv Chris Brown. Dat is a good combination for me. Actually dis is ma first time seenin Chris in blue. He look different but he is still cute.

  • Dat looks like u took the chris brown pic and made it bigger. The only thing that is different about the two r dat one has black and white color and the other one has multi-color.

  • U can really draw and I can draw 2 but not like u do. U r an awesome drawer. I couldn't draw chris like dat even if I tried 2. I give some of ma props to u and I'll always luv u Chris. I'll try 2 support u in every way I can or could.

  • I dnt have any chris brown stuff but I luv him 2 Deaf. U look like u have a whole shrine of him, lol. I still want a lot of chris brown stuff but not where it looks like im a stalker. All I got of chris is some pics of him and a pillow dat has more pics of Chris brown from one of his concerts. The pics on da pillow r so cute they have pics from the song "Take u down."

  • Chris is so sexi u cnt even lie about it. If u say Chris is ugly, u better look in da mirror first. All ya people who hatin on Chris need 2 get a life caus He got a life of his own. Chris dnt need 2 worry about yal he got a his whole life and carrer to worry about 24/7. I'll always support u Chris, luv u and ya music.

  • U know u got a body and u always showin it off. I luv watchin all the take u down videos from ur concerts, u r so freakin sexy. Wen u show off ur body, I always smile caus u got a six pack. I luv ur hot bod lol u so cute dat I wanna scream.

  • I luv u Chris no matter wat and u always sound so sexi. I luv ur music I listen to it every day. I cant wait until ur new album "Graffiti" comes out. I luv dat song "Glow in da dark" and all the other songs u have, Lol.