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  • Soo ...

    It`s been a minit .. Ain't been on since school started .. Yupp .. So how`s life? .. lmao I feel weird typin` dis cuz it`s like, don`t nobody read it anyway ... Oh well, I`m bored so dis is givin` me sumn to do for da time bein ... Urm .. yeah I`ma stop now lol .. Leave a comment or sumn jus so I know yall still alive at least smh ..

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  • Thnks for postin! *tear* I love this song. lol

  • [[ DUB MAGAZiNE CAR SH0W & C0NCERT ]] .. Sept. 30, 07. [[ Unforgettable Experience!! ]]

    Anybody else go?! I went! And lemme tell you .. dat was da highlight of my year, fareal. I ain't even pay no attention to da cars lmao. Me n my friend was focused on da performances. [[ Click more for da WHOLE story .. its pretty long doe lol ]]

  • yall was talkin through email or IM?

    but hey im bout to get off .. ill be baq on tomorrow

  • das coo .. wut he tell u?

  • naw i didnt .. i forgot to look for it lol .. ill find it eventually

  • tryna stay cool in dis heat .. listenin to music .. bein bored .. u?

  • lol wut site?? n dat was really him??

    i gotta go .. ill be back in about an hour

  • waitin fo my friends to come ova ... im bored as a mug ... u?

  • das coo .. u eva met him in person?? i met him once in sept. last year .. he called me sweetheart den my friend told me he called her dat too .. i felt special up until she told me dat lol