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  • of course i was gone be there! i had too cuz i have never seen the gifted man live in concert before and i sure was there singing word for word (literally!) its sad cuz i was like the only one in my section that knew EVERY song he performed word for word! lmao but it was too fun and i cant wait till he comes out with another tour cuz im definitely going again!

  • he is such a sweetheart.......this pic makes me like him even more!

  • on Bus

    i think its kind of cool how everbody signed his bus, thats different

  • on the real, i never seen his body lookin this good before! he puttin on some weight and muscle, im feelin dat....i see somebody's been hittin the weight room lately lol

  • im kinda pissed cuz im sittin here watchin this lil wack show waitin for chris to come on and he's not even showing up, so i dont think the date is right on there cuz i havent seen chris brown on at all...

  • im so hype because im goin and i cant wait! im going to be on the executive level closer to the front so im straight lol and i just too excited becuase i never seen him in concert before

  • i think this scavenger hunt is fun and i hope i win all i need is 7 and 9, good luck to everybody!

  • what up doe!

    whats good ppls, im just on here to chill and meet new ppl that like chris brown like i do. im a really cool person and very easy to get along with everybody but please believe i will get gutta if need be! lol but for the most part im cool, so dont be afraid to add me as a friend, much love 2 everybody!

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  • on some real shyt i think he looks like him he just darker!

  • i love "Just Fine" because its just a real song to me and i can relate to it, but "aint no way" is my second favorite