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  • 1 of his greatest hits

  • my name is serella but u can call mi anything dats close to dat and nice to meet u to

  • Chris Brown well I cannot say that I hate him for going out wit Rihanna, I think dat they make a good couple. To me they are like a miniture Beyonce and Jay-Z. I really don't care who Chris Brown date because he wouldn't care who I date. Well Chris Brown and his fanz keep it gangsta

  • he need to do somethin to his hair but other than dat he looks good

  • he needs to put on a shirt showin all dat, it all belongs to mi

  • It Goes A Little Something Like This

    My nick name is cinderella brown but my real name is close to dat. i am from chi-town but live in indiana, i love to cook, and go to chruch. i have a very smart mouth and mind but like to play alot. i like boyz who respect themselves and their parents. i like to go to school and learn, i hate fightin because it solves nothin and i am shy. well dats a enough about me.
    Chris might fall from the sky
    or even from from a tree
    but the best way for him to fall in love is wit me

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  • Making me a little better

    As dayz gone by I became a better person. I would use to talk about people all the time all day long 7 dayz a week. I don't do dat anymore because I have bigger and better thing to do wit my life than to talk about someone.
    This is Chris Brown
    U may fall from the sky
    U may fall from a tree
    But the best way to fall
    Is in love with me.