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  • grl u sexy as hell..
    i'm derek
    get at me


  • <the only lyrical nigga derek>

    Ma name is Derek Balarezo i'm BORICUA but i live in Brooklyn in Ny
    I know a lot of things about a lot of things . Ma outward appearance may surface assumptions but if u get to know
    me you be shocked. Writing in my space from the world. i'm not a shy person unless i'm around a person
    Pipm/Player? not at all

    -Dont ask me "wats good?",nothing is good
    -Dont thanks me 4 the add,u're welcome
    -U've a better change ot getting a comment back if you type like an human being.
    -I'm not an a**hole. im just annoyed :)

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  • wazz hannin?

    HIP-HOP, HIP-HOP, HIP-HOP, where da fuks did it go???!!! sorry, had to get dat question out da way, been on mah mind latly. but yo, dis da lyrical nigga Derek, neva get da name fuked up. mmmm lyrical??