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  • Ay ppl!!!

    Ay well thanks to the ppl that added me as a friend!!!
    Well my name is Sandra im 15 i live in longmont colorado
    and im a pretty koo person to be around!!!
    i love to party and spend most of my time with the ppl i love like my familia
    and all my friends!!!! i kno a lil bit of spanish!!!!
    well if u wanna kno more hit me up sometime!!!
    Love Sandra!!!!!

  • Got a problem with me???

    Got a problem with me?
    Solve it!
    Think im trippen?
    Tie my shoes b****!
    Cant stand me?
    Sit down!
    Cant face me?
    Turn around!
    And to all my haters and fakez...
    Nice try b****es cause its gunna take a lot more to bring me down!!!

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  • damm he is cute!!!