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  • Chris Brown is always in NY now well for the past week or so...come to LA the teen choice awards is on my bday though but i couldnt even get tickets....succs but ill try to watch i think i got class though its only like an hour

  • Hey it was worth asking lol

  • lol jk cute pic

  • he do a little but he cuter than rich boy.....

  • Since everybody talking b-days Chris can you come see me on my 18th b-day on Aug 26th? I'm not havin a party or anything special but it would be nice to meet you I live in long beach, CA so if you around the area during that date come by!
    hey its worth a try so i cant be mad that i didn't ask

  • Billboard magazine!!

    Chris brown is on the cover of the June 16th Billboard magazine. He looks so good I'm going to buy it today while im getting my dad a fathers day gift. I'll include more later....

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  • This song is so cute i like the beat and the lyrics but i gotta say poppin is a close second lol.