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  • :D

    Lauren Smith is the greatest person ! :D Lovveee you x

  • =)

    <p>Lifes Great</p>

  • Fit Ass Of The Year.

    Comment if you think <strong>Chris Brown</strong> Is the <strong>fit ass</strong> of the year. (2009)
    Open to other suggestions.

    xxSHANNON - ADD MExx


    <dl>Just Love This Site </dl>

  • Things That Make Life Great.

    <strong>1) Family
    2) Friends
    3) Chris Brown
    4) Music
    5) Holidays
    6) Wii</strong>

  • ...

    <cite>There's only a fraction of boys that treat women fairly. Chris Brown is one f them.<em> And I admire him for being such a person.</cite>

  • I miss You ...

    <dt>I miss you, i miss your smile, 'nd i still shed a tear every once in a while. And even though it's different now, your still here somehow. My heart can't let you go; and i need you to know, i miss you... <dt>


  • Haha, all you people saying Chris Brown's so Cute, don't you think he knows that ?? x Yeah, he is but face it, not all of us can have a chance with him, we could meet him, but get real. I agree though, so fine <3

    Shαnnσn Bαbεч -Chris'Brown <3

  • How Well ??

    I took this quiz & got 100% -It's easy!
    See if you can. -Take the quiz now

    Just click the link.! ^^^^^^^

    I must warn you: It's easy as pie.
    SIgned: Shannon'x

  • Top Songs -

    1.Anything Chris Brown has released
    2.Literally, any R&B
    3.Cheesey is ok (yn)
    4.Rihanna - Anythig!