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  • HEY please tell me why u kissing her and also tell me that u are not kissing because i will f***ing throw the hell up ya digga yeah i know u hereing me.

  • HEY Chris I don't alwayz use these words unless I am very mad and oh yes I am very mad at u right now why is she on u like that and i don't like dat one bit if u wana know why i am so mad please get my e-mail because i had to give it so i could put these comments up here so get it if u can and please write me back

  • HEY Chris wat the f*** is going on I don't mean to talk to u like this because I LOVE U with all my HEART and so does everyone else writing comments we just don't want to see u get hurt and trust me if u get f***ing hurt RIHANNA IS GOING TO GET f***ING HURT BACK. LOVE YA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!! WILL AND I WANT U TO KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! YA GURL !!!!!!!!!!!

  • SO fine that he is mine because with a face and smile like that he has to have me to go wit it and nobody else HE's MINE MAN AND ALWAYS WILL BE 4 EVER. YA DIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My Boo look so good wit his hat. And he already look good wit out a hat on so he is just damn fine and hot as hell and oh i can't wait to see him again.