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  • i lov dat song nd dat video it is so gud cause well he sounds gud nd in da video he c all these grl nd he stay cool nd all he can think bout is his grl nd he stay tru 2 her nd most guys rnt lik dat these days

  • i already went but im goin again on i think da 18th of january

  • tell me

    if ya'll add me 2 ur friends can u lik let me kno so i can add u 2 mine thanx

  • u dnt look lik chris try standing from a distance nd loose da smile

  • a little but not really

  • on jjf

    jus a little bit

  • it so hard 2 choose which 1 i lik best cause they're all jus so good but my top 2 would have 2 b young love nd run it (remix)

  • i had tickets also da concert was great i went 2 da 1 in d.c. if u had floor seaTs write me

  • this is one of my favorite videos

  • it really looks like chris